Solutions & Services

AgilityZ provides custom IT platforms and software solutions for
healthcare organizations.

Custom Software Development Services

AgilityZ is more than a software development company. We create 100% custom solutions to solve business problems. Our team of consultants will help understand your unique challenges and work with our skilled developers to create unique platforms to fit your needs. Our solutions are not ‘one-size fits all’. Our developers have complete flexibility to build solutions and services based on your requirements.

Business Strategy & Practical Solutions

Our custom solutions were created to help healthcare organizations (just like yours) to get the most out of their data and streamline operations. Before we get to work, our experienced consulting team will sit with you and discuss your situation. After we get a grasp of your needs and expectations, we will present options to achieve your business objectives and help you choose a solution built just for you.

We have worked with healthcare companies to create tailor-made solutions that will put you at the top of today's customer-driven market.

End users and clients are more satisfied when software solutions are tied to the strategic goals of the business. That's why our experienced healthcare consultants partner with you through the entire process so we understand your business strategy.

100% Custom-Built

We have found that innovation is the way to go to achieve your business objectives. Our custom solutions and products cover everything including:

Mobile apps for patients and staff

Market analysis tools

Real estate asset management

Care management

Resident engagement portals


Customer relationship management

Medical appointment management

Security information and event management

Invoicing systems

Quality management

Laboratory operations

Purchase order tracking systems

Corporate medical portal for staff

Electronic health records and medical records

Application Support & Customer Service

After you have acquired software, the integration process can be quite challenging. That's why we provide post-sales support not only because we believe in good customer service but also because we value the happiness of our customers.

Customized software development and customer service go hand in hand. Since custom solutions are meant to satisfy the needs of a specific business, we will make sure we deliver a solution that is hinged on customer service objectives.

We a have a team of committed and experienced individuals whose only job is ensure there is a smooth integration of your new software. Our team is always available to our customers so that you can focus on caring for patients.