Big Data Analytics

Our business intelligence team specializes in analyzing big data for your organization.

Big Data Solutions

The emergence of Big Data allows businesses and healthcare organizations to develop rigorous research and business intelligence processes in order to identify areas where you can mitigate risks, optimize growth and ultimately increase profits.

Our data scientists can help you navigate the rough waters of data accuracy, security, timing, pricing and privacy so you can extract actionable insights to guide your operational decision-making.

Predictive Analytics Tools

AgilityZ can develop complex algorithms to deliver solutions that will help you accurately predict opportunities and threats and we will incorporate your specific requirements into the solutions we deliver.

Our custom solutions include development of algorithms to support applications.Some capabilities include:

Dynamic filtering, drill-down, and explore functionality

User-friendly data exploration widgets

Easy-to-understand visuals

Customized functionality and look-and-feel

Business Intelligence Solutions

Since we value the uniqueness of each client, we have a range of approaches to choose from to answer your business questions through data analysis.The choice of approach wholly depends on your business requirements.

There are five main approaches which we use to provide our customers with analytic solutions which include.

Consulting to understand your business issues and advise you on alternatives and opportunities

Data analytics implementation based on your business goals. This is often an interactive process so you can review our progress and approve subsequent steps.

Support and maintenance for both preventive and corrective measures. We will fix an existing problem with the data architecture and proactively improve functional capability to the changing business environment.

Outsourcing research and data analysis. We provide the hardware, software and the manpower.

Why Partner With Us?

When choosing a research and data analysis partner, healthcare organizations consider accuracy, security, timing, pricing and privacy.

We value quality and confidentiality above all else and you will find that this is what makes us the best in research and data analysis. Partner with us for the following unique benefits and much more:

Guaranteed quality assurance process to ensure the most accurate data possible to make the most informed decisions.

Reasonable pricing so quality data solutions are as cost-effective as they are accurate.

Unmatched expertise of skilled and experienced data analysts who take the burden off your team so that you can focus on delivering care to your patients.

Quick solutions when you need business intelligence we work FAST.

Reduced risk with the necessary infrastructure and security to mitigate any risks that may arise where Big Data is involved.

24/7 support to help you get the data you need anytime.