Healthcare Management Software

We create custom software and programs to manage clinical workflows and healthcare operations.

Healthcare Operations Software

Healthcare management software helps administrators maintain efficient, seamless operations while staying compliant with coding and billing guidelines set by the government and health insurers.

The best healthcare management software in the world will not help you if your employees cannot use it. We partner with you beyond software development and also provide user training programs and real-time client support

Why Do You Need Healthcare Management Software?

A good healthcare management software package allows your medical practitioners and staff to execute billing and coding with ease. Our platform also allows our clients to integrate existing EMR and EHR software. Our software packages are ideal for both small and large companies as they enable easier monitoring, communication and real-time notifications.

Laboratories, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and pharmacies just like yours partner with us to deliver and maintain their healthcare management software with our customized but affordable solutions.

Optimize Your Workflows

Great solutions also reduce the time spent by hospital administrators on manual, complex tasks and data analysis. A more efficient platform will help you scale and centralize a lot of services and activities in a reliable and secure manner.

AgilityZ’s healthcare management software will help you increase operational efficiency in:

Appointment booking

Follow-up support

Laboratory services

Surgery workflows

Patient registration and scheduling

Patient communication

Diagnostic imaging

Room allocation and throughput

What You Get

We develop software that includes administrative, clinical, and support capanilities to ease the burden of administration in a complex set up. Our platform is also optimized to support multiple locations making it excellent for any size practive or health system.

As with all our products and services, our healthcare management is custom built for your specific business needs.

100% customized platform

Streamlined workflows

Reduced cost

Guaranteed business growth

HIPAA compliance

Increased efficiency

Increased patient satisfaction

Core Healthcare Management Software Modules

Long Term Care Services: This module provides a comprehensive platform to manage long-term care operations from customer acquisition, to resident management to billing. It also includes consultation information which is linked to Pharmacy and Laboratory services to ensure seamlessness of operations.

Inpatient Services: We developed this module to improve the speed and efficiency of the inpatient department. It covers registration of patients, allocation of beds and rooms, billing, discharge from the hospital, discharge summary reports, prescriptions and laboratory results.

Inventory Management: Our user-friendly software makes it easier to track and monitor hospital inventory or clinic supplies by non-IT staff.

Laboratory Services: Our lab services product supports all activities from registration to printing reports. Your lab technician will be able to update the actual results against the standard results for each patient and then provide the cost of specific tests.

Pharmacy Operations: This product provides support for inventory management, sales, manufacturer details, supplier details, billing and patient payment details.

Billing and Reporting: Our solutions provide you with top-notch billing features not only for your benefit and compliance but also to provide your patients transparency and integrity.