Asset Management Software

Our software helps you manage healthcare real estate and operations.

Healthcare Real Estate & Market Management Tools

Your facilities are your second greatest asset, second only to your human resources. AgilityZ provides you with the right software development tools to get the most out of your assets.

Our software is designed to help automate reporting, gain control over your portfolio, improve work order process and much more much more.

Real estate and asset management is critical in healthcare to capitalize on opportunities to generate revenue and improve customer satisfaction

How Digital Asset Management Works

Our asset tracking software and applications work just like a physical asset manager, except faster and more efficient.

We develop software and applications that synthesize all your important data into dashboards which are easy to understand and access whenever you need it. We will help you monitor your assets right from purchase all the way to maintenance and repairs.

Ultimately, we exist to help you save time and money. Our asset management services are created to ensure seamlessness between interdepartmental activities so that there are no gaps in productivity. Plus, our development team is flexible so you can work smarter and not harder.

We are committed to making it easier for our customers to track and maintain assets.

Automation of Property Condition Report

Quick access to asset information

Auditing capabilities

Electronic signatures to increase accountability

Market analysis reports

Easy creation and management of work orders

Customizable alerts

Check in and check-out capabilities

Automated Market Intelligence

AgilityZ provides technology that will not only help you reduce operational costs but possibly, discover new revenue streams.

Our programs can automate insights like:

What vacancies exist in your facility?

Do you have extra space that you can rent or sell?

Are you making the most of your real estate and other assets?

Have you identified a viable market to develop a healthcare product or service?

What is the competitive landscape of the area?

Is the target market in the area of interest enough to support projected returns?

Why Do You Need Healthcare Real Estate Asset Management

Facility management is guaranteed to optimize your physical space, save you money and add value for your spend.Our asset management software will help you make smarter decisions with simple, highly visual graphs and dashboards.

We can help with:

Identification of new revenue streams

Preparation of Joint Commission Audits

Establishing a truth source for large portfolios

Consolidation of research space

Monitoring real estate and other assets

Custom, User-Friendly Dashboards

We make real estate and asset management easy with just a few clicks so you can focus on patient care.

Consultants at AgilityZ will partner with you to not only shield you from losses but also promote the maximum utilization of your assets to drive profits.

We guarantee you custom-made dashboards that will change the way your organization does real estate and asset management for the better .