Healthcare Website Developers

AgilityZ specializes in website and portal development for
healthcare organizations.

Custom Website Development

Our Website Development Services

AgilityZ’s website development team delivers the design, friendliness and aesthetics that your healthcare organization needs to attract the right patients and clients.

We offer the following website development services for hospitals, healthcare centers and homes for assisted living:

Business analysis

Integration with internal systems

Training for content contributors


Content migration



Core Benefits of Our Website Platform

Data synchronization with your internal systems such as billing, EMR, scheduling and practice management.

Mobile compatibility to keep you ahead of your competitors in continually mobile-first landscape.

High performance infrastructure to manage heavy loads of data in the back-end and a fast speed on the front-end.

User-friendly content management system so websites can be easily updated and edited by non-technical staff.

Back-end for mobile app that allows patients to access their data from mobile devices and receive push notifications.

Key Features to Differentiate Healthcare Website

In the spirit of providing our customers with a customized experience, our websites have four main features: personalization, patient engagement, patient portal and web analytics.

Content Personalization

Dynamic content personalization allows you to maintain a fresh attractive website with minimal effort. You will not only attract new patients but also maintain the existing patients.

Content personalization involves

Giving patients a chance to finish an action they had already started.

Loyalty systems such as bonuses and discounts.

Interactive features

Personalized web pages

Search system for nearby facilities

Note: that personalization of content requires that we use patients’ personal information such as browsing history, EMR data, information about next of kin and current browsing behavior.

Embedded Patient Portal

AgilityZ will deliver an embedded patient portal that is in line with HITECH and HIPAA regulations. Your patients can easily track their health data and follow up on treatment and billing.

Billing information


Laboratory examination results

Prescriptions and refills

Diagnosis information

Engaging Features

An engaging website has features and functionality that encourages user to take more action and provides information in user-friendly experience.

Online self-registration to schedule an appointment online.

Health education and treatment options to provide confidence and position you as an expert and partner

Staff member information and photos to promote patient engagement and loyalty

Social media synchronization to give patients a platform to share their health milestones with their friends and family.

Colorful motivational badges within patient portal to encourage patients who have eliminated bad health habits or developed good ones.

Live Q&A chat functionality to interact with visitors and convert them into patients

Interactive health quizzes to promote health education online and attract potential patients

Web Analytics

AgilityZ’s website platforms include analytics services so you can effectively measure impact of your website and whether or not users are taking meaningful actions on your site.

We will help you use analytics tools to understandthe effectiveness of the content, interests of visitors and the level of patient engagement. Additionally, we can help you implement strategies to improve results.